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Leveraging Power BI for better insights than Excel

Stepping up from ExcelNowadays, various domains deal with enormous amounts of data. Analyzing them is essential for better performance and obtain business insights. Here is where analytics came into play. Earlier, raw data were analyzed in Excel for useful insights. These insights are represented in customizable charts. Microsoft Power BI is a self-service business intelligence tool that helps visualize data from multiple sources and transform them into informative insights. Many people still use Excel for accounting and related works, but Power BI can help them to save time from manual work involved and focus on insights and adding value to the business. Power BI over ExcelData Volume and Simplicity-Power BI can handle huge volume and variety of data - subject to design and environmental constraints. Several tables can be loaded as well as correlated, if required, based upon communal fields. The Power Query Editor and the Data Modelling sections are simpler to use in terms of user int…

The Role of Business Intelligence in BFSI

Banking, financial services and insurance industries are more urbane and complicated. These industries have significant regulations and they generate a massive volume of data. In this digitalization era, BI professionals are having a sole responsibility and opportunity to explore the systemic view of business and how it is related to each other in financial services.With BI, we can use integrated information for financial analysis and customer service. The key purpose of BI is risk management, regulatory compliance and reporting.

Business Demanding - Invest Once, Build Once, Provide for Many
The traditional data ingestion process is focused on acquiring data for specific reports or modelling. If the business requirements change, the process has to be repeated as the new requirement cant be met with non-flexible data warehouse and structure, thus results in poor performance. The business of banking today demands: Handle heterogeneous data sources at all latencies. Data in any form…